Sugar Maple, Morning Light: A Video About Painting Outdoors

This brief video tells the story of making a painting outdoors, at home. The subject of this painting is a very familiar sight for me: the trunk of the magnificent sugar maple that towers over our back garden, as it catches the morning sun.

I would like to give special thanks to Bryan Johanson and The Oregon Guitar Quartet for permission to use their wonderful music in this video. if you love good music, have a look at their website:

Below is a link to the album which includes this recording. I was happy to have one of my paintings on the cover.


New Video: Gourds


The speckled gourd has been a motif in my paintings for years, usually in a supporting role. In 2016 I made a series of still life paintings and pastels in which this distinctive product of the garden took a star turn. This video, beautifully filmed by Todd Sheene, shows my studio and the creative process that went into  the works.